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How You Can Help

By clicking on the “Support your community” email link below, you will open an email to the Minister of Social Services, which will include a subject line and the text of your message. Please feel free to edit that text before hitting your Send button.

We encourage you to cc the email to your MLA. You can find their email address here.

Support Your Community by sending an email to:

November 6th is Community Service Workers Appreciation day in Saskatchewan.

SGEU, CUPE and SEIU-West would like to thank its members working in community-based organizations for all of their hard work and dedication; delivering much-needed care to the most vulnerable people in society.

Download a printable PDF version of the poster.


Saskatchewan's Community Support Workers help our most vulnerable people — every day, 365 days a year. And yet they're among the lowest paid workers in our province.

How low are those wages? Well, they are just slightly above the minimum wage, which is basically a poverty level wage. The workers we feature in our ad (right) earn between $10.15 and $15.52 an hour. And bear in mind, that's after years of dedicated service.

This website is about helping these vital workers get a fair deal from the Saskatchewan government. We encourage you to take a quick look through the tabs above (it won't take more than a couple minutes) — and then join us in asking the Minister of Social Services and your MLA to work to make things right.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Show your support now by signing and submitting the Declaration for Community-Based Organizations.

What We Do

You can find Community Support Workers in pretty much every neighbourhood, every town, every city. Here is just some of the vital work they do for your community:

  • Care for young children
  • Assist women leaving violent relationships
  • Work with people with mental and physical disabilities
  • Provide crisis services to families in trouble
  • Support Aboriginal youth, immigrant families and people living in poverty

This is work that helps keep our communities strong and healthy — and yet is far too often overlooked, taken for granted and undervalued by government.

The Problem

This isn't an easy problem to tackle. Here's why: community support workers don't work directly for government, but they're paid through government funding.

How's that? Well, the provincial government pays community-based agencies to deliver these vital services at the grassroots level. That part makes sense. But the problem comes through government underfunding — years of it.

The volunteer boards that run these agencies do the best they can to stretch every dollar. And the chronic underfunding has meant that the workers who actually deliver the services — who work in women's shelters and group homes and crisis centres — are left with poverty-level wages.

How does this affect you? If this underfunding continues, these dedicated workers will be forced to move on to other jobs. Whether it is yourself, your friends or family that needs support, the quality and experience of these workers is lost. All of our community suffers.

How can you help? See the next section, The Solution.

The Solution

You can help us tell the provincial government that Saskatchewan's community support workers are undervalued and underpaid.

We're asking the government for nothing more than fairness. Right now, community support workers earn a lot less than employees who do work of comparable value for government. Group home employees- the workers featured in our ad - earn on average $11.00 an hour less than government staff who do work of equal value. That doesn't make sense. And it's just not fair.

If you would like to help, please take the time to click on the Support link on this page (at right). It will generate an email to the Minister of Social Services, and will include a subject line and the text of your message. Please feel free to edit that text before hitting send.

Again, thank you for your support in keeping our communities strong, vibrant and healthy.

CBO Declaration

We’re Still Worth More And So Are The People We Serve. Community-Based Organizations provide care, advocacy and support for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

We know these organizations are underfunded. We recognize staff are underpaid. And we believe the people who depend on these services are undervalued...

Help us help people around Saskatchewan who rely on community-based services — and the people providing those services every day. Simply download, read and sign our Declaration for Community-Based Organizations — then send it into us at the address below, and we'll make sure it gets to the Premier.

Send the Declaration to:

We’re Still Worth More Campaign
3731 E. Eastgate Drive
Regina, S4Z 1A5
Fax: 781-8177

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